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Buying and replacing band saw tires is easy

Depending on what band saw machine that you have will dictate which tire is right for you. In most of the professional woodworking shops we sell to, the normal band saws usually have wheels in 17", 19", 21" or 24" size. The Woodworkers I have talked to really prefer the 17" band saws because these are the most economical and they're especially good with resawing and curve cutting.

When choosing the right tire for your machine, you need to consider the material the tire is made of and the size of your band saw. Only then will your band saw cut wood with maximum efficiency.

Fitting a bandsaw tire

A band saw tire is a vital piece of any band saw. Its purpose is to protect the wheel from making contact with the blade and therefore causing damage to it. Tires come in several varieties, depending on the material they're manufactured from and the size of width of the blade. It can be made out of rubber or urethane. A rubber band saw tire requires glue to keep it in place. The urethane tire will generally outlast a rubber tire and it doesn't require additional glue to stick to the wheel.

Urethane tires are the best and the easiest to install, but your bandsaw wheel must be 10, 12, 14, 15, 18 or 20 Inch or the tires will not fit correctly.

The advantages of using urethane tires over rubber

Therefore, if you want to avoid the messy glue component and the additional work required to install a rubber tire, your best bet is to purchase an urethane tire. Urethane tires are generally more expensive than rubber tires, but they are worth their weight in gold as they are often recommended by many band saw manufacturers over their rubber counterparts because they are more durable. Additionally, the urethane tires won't become brittle, will install much easier and can also be changed without hassle when they need replacing. Uninstalling a rubber tire will require that you make sure all the glue and residue is safely removed from the wheel so that your new tire stands well.

Choosing urethane over rubber is the recommended and preferred way to go if you want your machine to run at maximum efficiency and achieve better tracking.

Getting the right size

If you decided on the type of material to go for, the next step is to measure the wheel on your band saw machine. The tire you purchase needs to be 2" smaller than the size of your wheel, so that it fits perfectly and is fixed in place, without the risk of slipping off the wheel. The most sought after tires are 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" and 20" made of urethane.

Changing tires on a bandsaw machine

First, you need to asses if your saw tires are worn and need replacement. Tires that are worn will be crumbly and inelastic, with cracks at different places on the tire. You can also tell if your tire is worn by paying attention to how your machine operates. If your band saw vibrates excessively and that impacts precision, it probably means your tires need replacing.

You then need to remove the tire that's already on the machine. This can easily be achieved using a razor knife to pull it apart from the wheel. If you're using a rubber tire, then the process is a bit more complicated as you will need to use lacquer thinner to carefully pull it away, inch by inch. Use a wedge of wood to widen the gap at each step and add more thinner until you've successfully removed it from the wheel completely. If you're using a urethane tire, you will not require the thinner and pulling the tire apart from the wheel is much easier.

Before installing your new band saw tire, make sure you properly clean the wheel of any debris, and clean the epoxy off the wheel's rim. You can remove the old glue and debris with a stiff wire or steel brush. We recommend not using any water or cleaning solvents as they will damage your saw. Once you've successfully cleaned the wheel, you're ready to install your new urethane tire.

A neat trick to make sure it will be pliable and easy to install, is to leave it in hot, soapy water while you're removing the old tire and cleaning the wheel of any debris. You can now stretch the new tires over the rim, glue them in place, if needed, and equalize, trim and crown the new tires.

Don't forget to re-balance the wheels

With every new tire replaced, you need to make sure to re-balance your wheels, especially on bigger band saws and high-speed models.

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A urethane band saw tire can give you many years of use. Make it a priority to periodically inspect your band saw tires, because worn tires are the primary reason for poor saw performance!

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